You don't fit in a box, and neither do your letters.

Introducing WordBeads, the grid-free spelling game! Your letters are free to move about the play area subject to the laws of physics (as are we all). String words together with touching beads and earn points and tokens for every word spelled. Bonuses are available for words with five or more letters and words longer than four letters return the same number of beads, so you can keep on spelling.

WordBeads contains four play modes for you to explore, each with different physics. Tokens are used to acquire the five Power Beads, which can help you in your spelling quests.

Experience free-range spelling with WordBeads!

Play Modes


  • Sand grains on the beach


  • Underwater air bubbles


  • Kernels that pop!


  • Water drops drain away
  • and are replenished by rain

Power Beads

(reduced resolution videos)

Stir Power

  • Don't like your bead arrangement?
  • Give them a stir!

Add 5

  • Running short on beads?
  • Add 5 more!


  • Pesky beads piling up?
  • Want some new ones to work with?
  • Summon the Mole!


  • Want to swap two letters?
  • Swap Power is for you!


  • Need to get across your word?
  • Is the bead you want not touching?
  • Jump Power can get you there!